The New Face of Holland America- Tradition with Fresh Contemporary Flair!

Those looking to take a cruise are faced with a dizzying array of choices, among which is the venerable Holland America Cruise Line. Holland has for many years been the cruise line of choice for the more mature traveler. The senior demographic has flocked aboard to enjoy HAL’s exceptional cuisine, outstanding onboard enrichment programs, and elegant mid-size ships – but families and couples seeking a more lively premium cruise atmosphere have passed over HAL and more often opted to sail with competitors Princess or Celebrity lines instead.

Let’s put it out there. While Holland American offers a first-rate cruise experience, rich in gracious tradition and elegance – it has also been saddled with the reputation for being—perhaps – a tad bit “stuffy.”  One of my associates recently described HAL as the “old fogey” cruise line. Passengers looking for something fun to do after, say, 9 pm could be hard-pressed to find a place to plug in. HAL has had problems making it to the short list of options for many regular cruisers.

Well, if you have previously passed on sailing HAL, read on – because things are a-changing at Holland America!

Top leadership in the cruise industry typically comes from people who have worked their way up through the ranks. It’s not unusual to find top echelon leaders who began their careers as business development managers, or even reservation agents.  Holland America took a major departure from this model when they brought Orlando Ashford on as President of the cruise line in November 2014. Not only was Ashford a total newbie in the cruise industry – he had never even set foot aboard a cruise ship!

With few preconceptions, it is not surprising that Ashford brought fresh vision to HAL. He quickly established a goal of preserving the traditional essence of Holland America while enhancing the brand with contemporary touches and innovative flair. Under his fresh new direction, HAL is poised to offer much broader appeal to new and exciting demographics.

Bottom line: Passengers who currently love Holland America will continue to love the cruise line.  But with exciting new ship launches on the horizon and major updates scheduled for the existing fleet …new family-friendly programming and staterooms …and enhanced entertainment options, an entirely new demographic will enjoy the elegance and tradition of a HAL cruise with an exciting fresh twist of contemporary innovation  These changes are sure to enhance the shipboard experience for all.

If you are someone who:

  • Loves to travel
  • Appreciates luxury
  • Seeks exceptional value
  • Are destination driven
  • Want authentic experiences
  • Are excited to learn
  • Appreciate rich heritage & classic style
  • Enjoy culinary excellence & destination-driven menus

We suggest you consider Holland America for an upcoming voyage! Contact us today for ship and itinerary options!  Our cruise expert will be delighted to work with you to plan an unforgettable cruise experience that you will talk about for years to come.


41 Percent of America Did THIS Last Year!

Americans are known all over the world over for their hard work ethic. In fact, we’re infamous for working toohard. Our dedication to our careers and success often takes a toll on our health, both physical and emotional, and overwork has been proven to contribute to higher levels of stress, anxiety, and heart attacks.

The one thing that we can all do to turn these statistics around, that guarantees relaxation, is not even taken advantage of. I am talking about taking a vacation! In 2015, 41 percent (that’s almost HALF!) of Americans admitted to NOT taking a vacation.

Reasons for not stepping away from the desk were pretty consistent: the people surveyed (the 41percent) admitted that they feared coming back to a mountain of work or simply that they couldn’t afford a vacation. But the consensus is clear: vacations are beneficial to overall health and stress levels. Even your boss understands taking some time off!

John Donahoe, C.E.O. of eBay, is quoted to say “As helpful as thinking days and re-calibrations are, there’s still no substitute for taking a legitimate vacation.” The C.O.O. of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, agrees, encouraging employees to take off ALL of the vacation days they have allotted.

The majority of employers are also keen for their employees to take vacation because they realize that working non-stop will eventually lead to burnout, which is both a professional disaster and will undoubtedly cause additional stress at home. Taking some time to unplug with family or friends will likely make you less stressed at work, and having a planned vacation on the calendar to look forward to can improve your spirits tremendously.

Vacations are also good for your cardiac health – studies show that men who don’t take regular vacations are 32% more likely to die from a heart attack … and women who don’t take time off are eight times more likely to suffer from coronary disease than their vacationing counterparts..

A “legitimate vacation” doesn’t have to be three weeks in Europe. At Dancing Moon Travel, we specialize is creating custom vacations that will give our clients the relaxation they need, with a pre-scheduled time and on a budget they can afford.

Cruises are the perfect solution to those who have tight budgets or limited vacation days: there are great four and five-night Caribbean itineraries, and with the inclusive amenities, you will spend far less than if you try to cover food and lodging on a vacation you plan yourself.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential to overall happiness and physical well-being, and at Dancing Moon Travel, we want to work with you to help make it happen.

The vast majority of our trips can be booked with a modest deposit and we’re happy to take payments over time – we consider this our “Dream Layaway Program.”  Call our office at (404) 913-4386 or visit our website to learn more about the dream vacation packages we offer, and plan the vacation you deserve today!