Top 3 Reasons to Travel in the Off-Season

Summer is here, and many families and singles are planning their annual summer vacation. Summer, of course, means warmer temperatures.   And for many of the most popular destinations for U.S. travelers like the Caribbean and Mexico, summertime also means an opportunity to take advantage of off-season rates.  There are many perks to traveling in the off-season, but here are the top 3 reasons that I recommend it!

  • It’s cheaper!

For much of the Caribbean, off-season can stretch out for 8 solid months: from mid-April to mid-December.  If you are able to plan your annual ‘big’ trip during this chunk of time spanning two-thirds of the year, then you can frequently take advantage of lower rates.  With somewhat flexible travel dates, you can benefit from huge savings on cruises … and frequently lower air fares as well.  Many resorts offer packages with rates up to 50% off the high-season price in order to fill their rooms.  Dancing Moon Travel can help secure you a room on a cruise that is a fraction of the peak-season price.  Note:  for maximum savings, avoid booking during the school vacation period from June 1 through mid-August … and if your dates of flexible, we will work with you to ensure we plug you into the dates that offer the most attractive rates.

  • It’s less crowded.

Your hard-earned vacation shouldn’t be spent standing in line or jockeying for a spot on an over-crowded beach. While some people prefer the hustle and bustle of peak-season traveling, the majority of our clients tend to travel in the off-season to enjoy the more leisurely pace and less crowded destinations. Fewer tourists can also mean friendlier locals—just imagine going for three whole months with your own home town swarmed with foreigners!!  If you are looking for a richer cultural experience, off-season travel is definitely for you.

  • More flexibility.

To secure desirable space for peak season travel, you need to make your reservations several months in advance. Off-season not only offers you the opportunity to be spontaneous and book a last-minute trip, but also facilitates securing shore excursions, restaurant reservations, and event tickets.  Months of advance planning would be required for these same arrangements during heavy traveling season.

When traveling during off-season, you will want to be aware of the weather patterns. When visiting the islands for land-based vacations, you will want to keep an eye on the weather and have a “Plan B” in place in the rather unlikely event of a major storm.  There are definite advantages to booking a cruise vacation during storm season, since cruise lines have sophisticated technology onboard and constantly monitor the weather.  If a concerning weather situation develops, they can simply modify the cruise itinerary. And those cruise ships can move! They can move faster than the weather pattern that is ahead of them and avoid any potential issues.

Another possible disadvantage of off-season travel is that not all activities or sight-seeing options may be open (or they have more limited operating hours).  However, we can help you plan your desired excursions and activities in advance so this won’t be a problem when you book through us.   Whatever your vacation of choice, travel insurance is a “must” to ensure you are covered for any unexpected eventualities!

Additionally, we are always happy to work with you to set up a customized payment plan so you can book that well deserved trip without waiting for “some day”! Give me a call today and I will help you find you the perfect off-season getaway.