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Visit Alaska for the Trip of a Lifetime!

Alaska is a popular destination among travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. It has so much to offer from the breathtaking scenery and its outdoor adventures, to the natural glaciers and whale watching. If you have never been to Alaska, now it a great time to make a travel plan! The tourist season in Alaska lasts until late September.

I hear many comments about Alaska and I have been there myself! It was one of my favorite travel destinations and a wonderful vacation! Some of my clients that visited said that they enjoyed these experiences:

Whale Watching:

“The whale watching was amazing! I had never seen one up close, and I was totally blown away by the size of this marine animal. These are majestic animals to watch, and seeing them in their element added to my authentic experience of Alaska.”  ~ T. Sloane

Glacier Experience:

“My husband and I walked up to a glacier, and were so close that we could hear the ice cracking and popping in the sunlight. Our guide told us that it was melting in size, year after year, and by the year 2050 it would no longer be there. I was fortunate to see it and get great photos of it, while it was still accessible.”  ~ C. Simmons

Train Ride from Alaska to Canada:

“We took the train ride, booking it from the Princess cruise line. After we were seated on the train, our guide told us of the local history while going up the mountain. We saw the mountain range as we rode up and took pictures of the snow and rolling hills. It was a peaceful ride with some of the most beautiful views I have ever seen!”  ~ A. Bacon

Kayaking in Alaska:

“While kayaking in Alaska, we saw the wildlife up close! A friendly seal was swimming along with us as we kayaked in the lake and bald eagles were nesting in the trees and flying over us. We saw bear footprints along the shore from where he had been fishing earlier, before we came. It was a great experience that I will always treasure!”  ~ R. Douglas

Alaska Cruise Ship:

“The cruise line was amazing! The boat was luxurious, the food was gourmet, the staff was friendly, and the entertainment was top-notch. Everything about this cruise was relaxing and enjoyable! I have nothing but happy memories from our trip. I wouldn’t change a thing about it!”  ~ M. Roberts

If you would like to plan your Alaska vacation and experience all it has to offer, call Dancing Moon Travel at 404-913-4386. We can help you plan it just 30-90 days in advance, or help you plan for next year.

Make plans to experience the beauty of Alaska!

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